It's been a while, as I've been on the road, but - things are looking pretty cool and fun - so, here's a bit of what I've been up to.

Thursday May 14th

Chris and I went on the road, and about two hours in, we stopped in Barstow. We had a giant tarp covering this even more gigantic Styrofoam clown face. It was coming off and whittling down the foam.

We stopped outside a bar and I went inside to use the restroom. This is about 9:00 in the morning. The two bartenders who were cleaning, stocking up the bar came out and was so impressed by us outsiders (and the fact we were on Monster Garage) they bought us a drink.

What a great way to start our trip! We landed in Grand Junction, about a hour/half outside of Denver.

Friday May 15th

We drove through Denver (not impressed) but maybe need to get a good view and ended up reading the entire novel, THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy aloud. Amazing, quite amazing. The day ended in Lincoln, NE.

Saturday May 16th

Going on our reading trend, Chris started to read A WRINKLE IN TIME. Not as amazing, and not a good book to follow such a brilliant one as The Road. We did not finish and ended up just reading the Wiki page. We landed just outside of Chicago and went out to the local mall. We had some Claim Jumper, filling and saw Angels vs. Demons. I still stand by my Ron Howard feelings. And giving him a chance just wasn't worth it.

Sunday May 17th

Today, we spent the day in Chicago. We saw Cloud Gate (amazing), the Art Institute of Chicago, where I bought a book on Jeff Wall and Felix Gonzales-Torres. We also went to the Chicago Contemporary Art Museum and the Hancock Observatory where Ross from Friends read to us about the history of Chicago. That night we saw some amateur comedy at Second City. Some good, some - not so.

Monday May 18th

Finally - Detroit. We made it. Dropped the truck off at the warehouse which is - no joke - 300,000 square feet of pure deprecated crap. And to our apartment, a nice 3 bedroom apartment which I'm very sad to leave one day. It's a bit hotel-esque but the size is just right. Makes me really excited about moving when I get back.

The rest of the week has been prepping the office, getting desks, having a great dinner.

Last night, I went to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and saw RJD2 (pretty cool) and Z Trip who is the king of Mash Up and remixes... fucking awesome!

My ears are ringing today, feels like I'm underwater. I need to grab some lunch and enjoy myself. I like Detroit, but I definitely miss home.