The Dog & the Woman

I woke up today pretty early, even though I was up late last night, upset over personal reasons. I decided to go and see an early morning show of Star Trek, which I'm pretty stoked about. In the street below me a woman was crying.

She was holding her small dog and shouting, "whose dog is this?" At first, I thought she was talking about the dog she was holding but I soon saw, as she came into better view that another dog, a larger puppy was sort of wanting to play with her and the dog she held. She was crying as if she were being attacked, mauled, tortured. It was absolutely ridiculous.

I realized that my actions last night were so fucking similar, I am embarrassed to say that I am even myself.

I said to the person that I was crying too that I feel guilty. And they said, "so?" "And?" I realized that I do need to just stick to what I feel is right and what is best. Even when it isn't what is what is in my heart.

Because what my heart wants - and what is going to happen is two different things right now. And soon, I hope that he realizes what he's asking for - before it's too late.