Lady Gaga Is Cool.

It took me over a year.

I didn't get the catchy-ness of "Just Dance."  And I hated... HATED "Poker Face."  In fact, I felt she was just a flash in the pan.  I'm usually an indie music kind of guy.  And when it comes to electronic, I'd rather listen to Cut Copy, Zoot Woman, Dan Deacon or Crystal Castles... rather than the pop pop of "P-P-P-P-Poker Face."

Once in a while however, I pop song will come along that'll perk me up.  And that is a rare thing.  Last year, it was "Single Ladies" - much after the first two singles from Lady Gaga.  And what really sealed the deal with me and Beyonce was that AMAZING amazing black and white video.

I saw Gaga perform on one of the New Year's Eve television events and the performance stuck out as just... weird.  I didn't get it.  But, it stuck with me.  She was so committed to this.  I don't listen to the radio much and I especially don't listen to pop radio.  I usually get stuck finding new music through Pandora or some music blog and wear out an album.

Edward Sharpe was my favorite album this year.

But, this Fame album just wouldn't go away.  And the first song, I actually kind of sort of listened too was "Paparazzi."  I didn't really seek it out, but I started to hear it everywhere.  In bars or clubs.  In chain clothing stores.

It was infectious but not in a way that got on my nerves.

And then, she performed on SNL.  With her silver orbiting rings and her slow piano ballad.  At that point, I just got it.

I think I get it?  I dug it.  She was her.  It was this thing that she did.  She unabashedly sang these ridiculously catchy hooks, ones that dig into your brain and fester there for days, ringing over and over and over and over again...

Her latest single, "Bad Romance" is amazing.  Or at least, I'm just a fan now.  I ended up buying her new EP "The Fame Monster" - which ended up being the new 8 songs plus the old "Fame" album.  Her AMA performance was brilliant, crazy and ridiculous - and brilliant.   I'm also impressed that since the release back in August '08, she's still releasing hit after hit... (first time an artist has hit 4 #1s in a row since Jackson Five), I've been told.

And the video for "Bad Romance" is something I haven't seen since the 90's.  Weird, tripped out imagery - dream like imagination that makes the song iconic.  Who doesn't remember Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul?" video or Smashing Pumpkin's "Tonight, Tonight" video... even Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" video, singing to herself in a sunlit car.

I couldn't tell you what the video is for "Hollaback Girl."  Or any Jay Z single released in the last 5 years.  I think the last great video was the Outcast "Hey Ya."  That and Bat for Lashes' "What's a Girl to Do."

Music videos have become so blasé with such generic dancing and costume, it makes something that's been done a thousand times before a decade ago feel fresh again.

Lady Gaga won't change music history, but for now, she's pretty cool.

Also this doesn't hurt: