The 2000s: Learning To Be Me

This decade is coming to a close and I found that it was really a stripping away of what I wanted in life, what I hid from myself and what I needed to learn to become a better person.  It's been a wonderful and amazing decade.

I made friends that I believe I'll know for the rest of my life (2002).  I came out of the closet (2006).  I moved to Los Angeles (2006).  I got in film school (2002).  I went to Sundance (2008).  I lost my virginity (2002).  I... went to far with that (2008).  I learned how to write (2009).  I held on to my secrets (2009 and counting).  I loved, then hated then appreciated Spielberg & mainstream Hollywood filmmaking (the whole decade).  I found a manager (2007).  I felt closer than ever to my dream as a filmmaker (2009).

I just learned that life will take you where you want it too and along the way - it's got it's own agenda.  Anyway, I look forward to the new decade.  Goals: get paid as a director, win awards, travel the world, get married, buy a house - and settle into my life.  It's exciting to see what's to come.