Writing In the New Year

Here's what I've got on my plate right now.

REVENGE FOR THEM.  This is the current title, which will change most likely in the very near future and I think I'm a draft & a half a way from finishing.  It's a story of a family man confronted with an evil that has begun to terrorize him and his family.  It's my first attempt at a solid genre film and I'm pretty happy with the results.  It's the closest thing I have to a finished script as well.

THE WESTERN.  This script has been something I've been working on since the Summer of 2007.  I put it away for awhile, as I got so lost in the woods and was dealing with my health, I just found myself unable to really deal with a complicated character drama.  However, the process of learning to edit myself, address the true nature of story, be able to step back from myself as a director (thinking of shots, moments, tones and emotions) and really look at a script as a writer has made me more confident in tackling this project again.   The film follows a married man who, while in the process of having a baby with his wife, falls for a younger man.

FEAR BETWEEN VULTURES.  Still in the early ideas phase, this script is actually the one I'm most excited about.  I think it's the closest thing to something that speaks most to my style of writing and where I'd like to go as a filmmaker.  It speaks closest to my own aesthetic as well.

The previous two scripts, I believe speak to a more philosophical and personal perspective where this one speaks to me as a filmmaker and lover of cinema.  It's a road trip film involving twenty something's running from responsibility and the fears of growing up.

I'm also reading the book, recommended by my awesome sister, AS SIMPLE AS SNOW and beginning the early stages of trying my first adaptation.


In the filmmaking world, I'm looking forward to beginning pre-production on my first experimental/narrative feature film "2 28" and also I'm doing a little side project, an "inspiration" for Cut Copy's "BRIGHT LIKE NEON LOVE."  A 12 track video inspired by the album.

I'm pretty excited about everything, busy busy busy and finally feeling that urge to be creative, turn on the magic again and see where it takes me.  I'm ready to take that next step.  It's exciting.

2010 is going to be amazing.