Congratulation Oscars!


What a surprise to wake up too.  For years, I've been kind of cynical about the Oscars, they tend to nominate things like "Brokeback Mountain" but also nominate "Crash" - and then at the end of the day, they let "Crash" win.  This year... well, they've done some kind of cool things. 

First, they gave "The Hurt Locker" 9 nominations that equal "Avatar."  That's impressive, because "Avatar" is the obvious winner in the below the line categories.  Secondly, although, I'm not a fan of the film, I know MANY who are - they nominated "District 9" over "Invictis" - which was an obvious Oscar bait film... that's awesome.  However, "The Blind Side?"  I really have to see this film now.  

And this all but GUARANTEES Sandra Bullock's win.  There is no way in God's green Earth Carrie Mulligan or Gabourey Sidibe has a chance now.

My Oscar predictions back on the 17th were 75% right... or 49 out of 65 nominations right... and District 9 was the big winner here, and the big surprise to me.  I'm kind of proud of this film now and I think I should take another gander at it, although I still think it sort of is two different films from beginning to end. 

The other film that I thought might get more nominations was (500) Days which just didn't make the cut, so instead other nominations took over.  

I'm also really surprised by the Animated Category - What the hell is "Secret of Kells"!?  That's fantastic, winning over Cloudy & Ice Age 3, which in previous years was all but sealed in stone.  

My last point would be that Best Editing is now the "BEST PICTURE" category.  This Category is usually the big pointer to what the Best Picture will be and this year the best Editing went to:


That would of been a pretty amazing 5 films.  All deserving, in their own rights... Just sad to see "Where the Wild Things Are" didn't do well this year, no nominations nor BO success.  Sadness.