The Lighthouse Lights the Way

Tonight on Lost episode 5 entitled "The Lighthouse" which continues on its Season 1 reboot by focusing on Jack, episode 5 in Season 1 was called "White Rabbit."  This episode is probably going to be pretty AMAZING being that it is written by Damon & Carlton and directed by Jack Bender... these episodes are usually pretty myth unloading heavy.  

I really have NO idea what to expect this week.  I don't understand the lighthouse reference nor what this mysterious Hurley mission will be.  I do know that Claire-seau is back and hangs with Jin, making the reunion of Sun & Jin still weeks away.

It looks like we won't get that reunion until Episode 10 "The Package" on March 30th.  I'm not looking forward to this more than I am looking forward to getting past the obvious drawn out episode it's going to take to reunite them... they haven't seen each other since the season finale of Season 4.

Anyway, can't wait.  

Until then, I'm going to be playing some Heavy Rain!  

PS - "They're coming" from last season means = "The Candidates."  My thoughts about the "Jacob" replacement - it's only a male who can take over.   So, it's going to be the following:

  • 4 = John Locke, but he's dead.
  • 8 = Hurley, he seems the most likely (being that he's already doing his bidding)
  • 15 = Sawyer
  • 16 = Sayid
  • 23 = Jack
  • 42 = Jin
Sorry Kate & Sun, you got the boobies.