My #Lost Thoughts

SLIGHTLY SPOILERISH, I've read and watched all the sneak peeks/teasers.

Tonight's episode is called... "THE SUBSTITUTE" and it's John Locke centric... does that mean Locke was a substitute for The Man in Black's presence?  Since the Man in Black consumes other people's bodies is he taking over John Locke's body?

I also believe that the Locke-ness Monster is going to start building an army against Jack/Jacob.  On that army?  Sayid, Claire, Sawyer... and maybe (but not likely) Kate, I still believe Kate will be with Jack in the end.  I believe that the Locke-ness Monster is going to show Sawyer that he was "FORCED" onto this island by Jacob.  That all this pain and all that anguish he feels is the result of Jacob's doing - and so pins him against him... and so when Temple folk & Jack all say, "you're supposed to be here, you're on a list."  He's going to give them a big one two F and a U.

Going to be exciting - can't wait!