Harry the (Ghost) Spider

So, for a few weeks back in February, I had a pet spider.  If anyone knows me they know that I am deathly afraid of them.  Something about having four times to many legs just creeps me out.  Maybe I had a traumatic experience when I was kid like Jeff Daniels from Arachnophobia.

Regardless, Harry showed up in our bathtub and decided to live there.

I tried to take a bath in their once before.  I was pretty excited.  It was one of those days where your bones ache and all you want to do is surround yourself in steaming hot water and soak, reading a good book and forgetting that there are other living breathing beings on the Earth.  I turned on the water, extra hot (not to hot), and started to let it fill.

The stopper is probably the worst ever.  Not one that doesn't work because then you'd just know it doesn't work and get a new one but one that slowly leaks, so that as you get in, you get a taste of the bathtub water but only for a few moments.

I turned the stopper over and it worked a bit better.

I was so impatient, as I usually am, and I jumped in as the water was about two inches high.  It was going to be fantastic.  And then, once it hit about four inches - the hot water ran out.

I turned off all the cold and just let the hot water spew from the clunky faucet but it only lasted another few minutes and I was left with a half filled, mildly warm tub of water.  So, I sat there, trying to make the best of it hoping to open my book and read but then the sucking sound came.

Water sucking down the drain, leaving me cold and wet - but not relaxed.

I gave up.

Another reason I never use the bathtub is because it acts as the drain for my washer and dryer.  About ten minutes into a wash, dark and dirty water seeps up through the drain making the bathtub this constantly dirty place.  Not in a grimy, dirty and disgusting way but more in the, "this doesn't look like a place I want to place my naked body and relax" way.

So, when Harry showed up, it was all his.

He stayed for a few weeks.  I never saw him move, but everyday he'd be in a new place in the tub.  Occasionally, when my roommate or I washed our clothes, Harry would freak out a bit, but then settle in near the edge of the tub away from the water.

He made a small, invisible web on either side of the tub.  Occasionally, I'd see him sitting on it looking as if he were floating in mid-air.  

Harry was the size of a nickel.  My roommate named him Harry out the blue and it just fit.

And then one day - he died.

I walked in to check on him and he had gone belly up, legs crinkled in.  I didn't touch him but knew it was over.  I never saw him ate and I don't know exactly how he died but assume that my tub probably wasn't the best place to set up a web and start a family.  

I felt sorry for him.  I didn't know if I should of done something more for him but thought that nature should just let him do his thing.

I also wanted to have a little funeral for him... I thought about burying him in the plants outside but instead thought it more fitting to just... wash him down the drain.  Either that or I didn't want to touch him.  

So, with a few washes of water, he disappeared into the dark tunnels of underground pipes.

A few days later, to my surprise, he had returned.

Living upright and hanging at the side of my tub.  It was strange.  Was this a new spider?  A friend?  A wife or husband?  A son or daughter?  It was also a bit terrifying.  I mean, I was cool with one spider hanging out with us but I wasn't about to open up a whole hotel for them.

I showed my roommate to make sure I wasn't crazy.

And then, the next day, he was gone and I haven't seen him since.  Is he still alive?  Was he really there the second time?  Or had I imagined it?  I know my roommate saw him as well.  Maybe he was just a ghost spider.  

I guess I'll never know. 

But, in one since, I'm a little less afraid of spiders... maybe.