I've had this theory about #Lost for sometime now.  And it's in - the Season 6 Promo Posters.  Take this first one, which sits proudly 2x3 over my own dining room table:

On the LEFT side of this poster we have: ILANA, RICHARD, CLAIRE, SAYID, KATE & SAWYER.  Then of course - our LOCKENESS MONSTER.

On the RIGHT side of this poster we have: JACK, JIN, BEN, HURLEY, SUN, MILES & FRANK.

Two sides.  One dark (left) one light (right).  I mean - it's in the words DARK... four letters, LIGHT might as well be called the RIGHT.  

This "Dark" side is pretty much already in place.  Sayid, total monster.  Claire, bat shit crazy (monster), Kate just got dragged into it.  Sawyer is recruited, love lost monster - that leaves us with RICHARD & ILANA.

Well, from this episode - Richard and Ilana have a love/hate relationship with Jacob... and I think the whole Candidate thing is really getting to them... it's all showing up - Jacob is gone and now they can all die... Dogen I think wanted to die.  I mean, what have these three guys gotten out of their loyalty?  Because apparently they're not Candidates... and I love how Lockeness even gave Ben the opportunity to be a "candidate" - and it didn't work (because Ben's a good guy, he's on the Right).

I'm not convinced that Richard is going to be all that happy with Jack's new found faith and power.  I think he'll continue to work for the MIB, even if in a not as direct way as Sayid & Sawyer.  I also believe that Ilana will be our LAST RECRUIT.

But... what happens if they are with the MIB?  

I believe they get a "non-redemption."  See SAYID sideways story.  And the left?  They get "redemption."  See JACK and son.  CLAIRE?  KATE?  I think we still don't know but my guess is that if they continue on their MIB path - they won't find it.

Kate, I think will follow Sawyer, she's a bruised and hurt woman, she's going to fail (sadly).  Claire though, I think she's gotten in with the crowd - and who is going to save her?  MILES.

See Poster 2:

Do you see that?  Miles has "replaced" Claire.  This will be a big moment, a moment where Claire comes too and finds herself and "my baby" (Aussie voice) safe and sound.  Miles will die saving Claire.

I am also SUPER intrigued that the island DID exist in Sideways world... and it had to exist as late as the late 70s, early 80s... that was a BIG reveal... it changes a lot of my previous thinking...

It's also interesting to note that Jacob's candidate search has been a LOOOOOONG time coming.  All those scratches, all those people - those were all people who were Candidates... but never an early Jacob.  It's fascinating because it seems that Jacob is the original - and this - this is the FIRST time he's choosing a new guy (I say guy, because I believe the candidate is only male - aka no Austin and no Sun).  

And the guy to actually win the prize: Jack.  The first guy on the show.  The NEW Jacob.  I could see the last episode not blowing up in a Volcano - but Jack eating fish on the beach by himself and along comes a Man in Black... a Locke who sits down next to him as they look out a see a sailboat... Yep.