Lost's Final Episodes

Those who don't want spoilers up to episode 9's "Ab Aeterno" please do not read further.

I'd like to comment on how excited I am for the final episodes and what my thoughts are going into the last half of this final season.

EPISODE 10 / March 30th
THE PACKAGE / Jin & Sun Centric

First of all, this is probably my second to least excited I am about an episode.  After last nights, ridiculous myth revealing history giving episode, I just feel that a Jin and Sun episode is going to be chock full of the same kind of "set up" as two weeks ago with "Recon" and the Sawyer episode.  

Of course, Jin and Sun haven't seen each other since Jin supposedly blew up at the end of Season 4, almost a season and a half ago and I'm certain that this episode will drag and drag and drag that reunion until the final moments, just before a great big reveal at the end...

That reveal?  

DESMOND is in the sub.

EPISODE 11 / April 6th
HAPPILY EVER AFTER / Desmond Centric

Desmond is special, as everyone knows - as we've been told by many people on and off the island.  How was Desmond both on and off the plane?  I think this episode is going to reveal Charles Widmore's plans... that he wants to be the new Captain of the Cork Guard (copyright 2010).

Of course, Widmore isn't a candidate so it's a fools mission.  However, I believe that Widmore is going to use Desmond's special-ness, as a sort of "loophole" around the whole candidate issue.  

It will fail.

EPISODE 12 / April 13th

I have a feeling that this episode is either going to be super amazing and reveal some pretty amazing things... or just fall completely flat.  I'm inclined to believe the latter.  Libby will return in this episode and that will occur as Hurley's wife in the Sideways world.  

Will we get more answers from her and her past?  Nope.  Will it piss alot of people off - especially when they most likely reference her past (the boat, the mental hospital) but in that same winking manner that they did when Sawyer said: "La Fluer" as his 'code' word... "he's a cop!"

I just have a feeling, this again will be yet another set up episode after coming off this crazy episode of Desmonds...

EPISODE 13 / April 20th
THE LAST RECRUIT / TBA Centric (Illana?)

I believe, and would bet money, that this will be an ILLANA episode.  And in this episode will we see her whole back story, why is she totally banged up at that hospital, why does Jacob wear gloves when he's around her (what doesn't he want to do to her)... like a bobcat... and all that fancy stuff.

EPISODE 14 / April 27th
TBA / TBA Centric 

This is the most mysterious episode, being that there is no title yet and no official word about what it will be... that being said - I believe it will be 1 of 2 things... 


Which will lead us directly into the following:

EPISODE 15 / May 4th

This episode hands down (besides the finale of course) is my most anticipated one.  Here we're going to really see what the hell this whole show is about.  We're going to see a whole slew of theories thrown out the window.

We then will get a final 2 episodes (3 hours) of wrap up.  I can not wait.

EPISODE 16 / May 11th

This too could be a Rose & Bernard episode, however, I think what we're going to see here is that JACK is dead.

JACK IS DEAD.  Is my new theory.  He's a walking ghost, just like Isabella and instead of just Hurley seeing him - everyone can... this will finally explain why that shitty tattoo episode actually was important.  "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us."

And what did they die for... to become candidates.

EPISODE 17 & 18 / May 23rd
THE END / TBA Centric

What can I say about this but sadness.  Super sadness.  The only thing I got left now is MAD MEN and possibly TRUE BLOOD... hopefully in the Fall BROADWAY EMPIRE will feel the void.  But I really truly don't believe another great "mystery" show won't surface for a long long while.