Last Night : The End

Please avoid again if you haven't seen last night's "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" episode of #Lost but if you have, I am so crazy wow wow over it.  It was a strange feeling because it didn't feel like a seminal episode because it didn't exactly answer anything but instead just play the first piece in a very short chess match.  Six Episodes left.  

A few weeks ago, I made some prediction of where I saw the show going and where we might see ourselves end up.  I have found that I was half right (the package was Desmond), half wrong (Sun and Jin are STILL not together on the island).  

I think it's best to use tonight's episode as a barometer of what's to come.  Before I get too detailed on what may happen in the following weeks, I do find it absolutely fascinating that the first half of this season was really a "man of faith" - our first 9 episodes culminating with Richard's super myth episode "Ab Aeterno."  

And then, starting with last week episode 10 "The Package" which literally delivered us the part of the show I though the creators forgot: science... oh no, the package was Desmond - not necessarily the man of science but someone who has brought back that Dharma vibe back. 

So, moving on to next week's episode:

EVERYBODY LOVES HUGO with our buddy Hurley.

I saw a little tease from the promo last night of Michael.  And we of course saw the grave of Libby.  I definitely still believe she'll be back but my stance has changed... I used to believe that the sideways world was "epilogue" where our characters go when they "die" on the island.  

I still think there are parts of that however, I think we're seeing what the Man in Black has given the characters, "what do you want most?"  

1) Jack gets redemption from his father issues through his son.
2) Kate's story is still unresolved - last we saw her she was being arrested by Sawyer.
3) Locke comes to terms with his handicap and finds true love.
4) Sayid may not be with Nadia, but she is happy - "I don't deserve you."
5) Claire has her baby - in a hospital and gets to keep him.
6) Sawyer's story is unresolved, he still hasn't found "Sawyer."
7) Ben got to save Alex.

However, I think this comes with a "Monkey's Paw" kind of life.  This wasn't their real life and as Daniel "I Bring Answers" Faraday ahem Widmore stated, "what if something catastrophic was going to happen and the only way to avoid it was to set off a massive amount of energy..." like Jughead.

And this my friend seems to be the show.  

I'd like to use Jack as the general guy - but in essence, Jack has been "lost."  He has father issues for days.  He lands on an island and is faced with those even more - a cat and mouse between characters who are trying to prove the other wrong.

I believe there will be a moment when our candidates will be looking in on their Monkey Paw lives and slowly but surely, they are going to see they're making a deal with the devil.  Could they be looking in through a mirror perhaps?

Oh man, I'm forgetting where I'm going... I'm confused now because does this mean that there should be another Jughead-esque incident at the end... say - a VOLCANO!?  

I love this show because for as much I think I know what's going on - I have no idea.  
The candidates, the last recruit, all this doesn't seem to matter anymore... I really believe that when we get that final answer, the whole show will fall into place.  The writer's of Lost have been talking about the ending of this show for 5 years now... there's no way that they don't have an end game.  And that is just so exciting - and so far, I think they're going to pull it off.

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