The End... of L O S T


So many other people are 10 times more articulate and amazing and well versed in references and nuances, but I feel I want to capture my thoughts just in case one day in the future I want to tell someone how I felt about this show and just can't remember.

I want to dissect it, in the reverse of how it revealed itself.  Peeling back the onion to its original form.  I first want to go with the big last reveal.  That the "sideways world" was essentially BARDO (Thanks Kyle).  An intermediate state.  What's also kind of cool about Bardo is that there are six states... and there are six seasons of Lost.

1) THIS LIFE / Survivor
3) DREAM / The Others
4) DYING / Freighter *Flash Forwards
5) DHARMATA / Dharma *Time Travel
6) EXISTENCE / Flash Sideways

Now the first things that sticks out to me is the fact the our fifth season dealt in part with DHARMAville, and well, that's just fun.  If we look at Jack, our main guy, the one we begin and end on... eye open and eye close - this was his first Bardo... his life.  This life.  All of Desmond's "see you in another life, brother," is pretty amazing stuff looking back on it.  But, as we look at the show as a whole - the entire show took place within the last four years of Jack's life.  Waking up after the crash of 815 and dying in the very same place.  Simple.

At his death (rebirth) place he looks up and gets to see his friends (and his love Kate) flying off.   He fixed them.  Helped them.  Beautiful.  Some might say that was 815 flying over but the wings on the plane are bent up like the Ajira plane... so it is definitely not 815.

So, all the shit that happens to Jack (and his fellow 815ers): polar bears, time travel, smoke monsters - all of this was real.  Crazy, but real.  But none of it was mystical or spiritual or spooky... it's just a bunch of weird shit and all of it could be explained by fringe science.  The things that supposedly can happen when you start to apply theoretically science... well, it just gets weird.  

So here's my theory of the island's time line (I have been  writing an extensive one, that's about 25 pages long) but I'll keep it short for this purpose:
  •  An island exists with strange electromagnetic properties.  And if you click that link you'll see a whole lot of equations and things, I could NEVER explain.  I also think to a time when humans thought the earth was round, or that Apollo rode a chariot across the sky, or that mercury was alright to have in thermometers.  Things that we now know, doesn't mean we'll always know or understand.  And how we explain physics or strange phenomenon now - may not be the same 100 or 1000 years from now... So - "what the island is" is nothing more than a place that has some electromagnetic properties that causes strange things in the human body.  And one of the main properties it has: is the ability to create one's will.  You want to walk but can't... done.  You want to live forever... done.  You want your cancer gone... done.  
  • The first inhabitants were Egyptians... those really fucking smart guys that built the pyramids and knew of things like... how to mummify people and how to build pyramids!  They came to the island and discovered these properties.  They saw its raw power and so built their version of things to "protect" it... like a cork in a red glowing hole.  Or a giant statue of a God that represents (in so many words)... death, birth and rebirth.  How much they knew or understood about it, doesn't matter to me just the fact that they saw something they couldn't explain so built things to "protect it."  Like a cork.  And a temple.
  • Time passes and a woman comes to the island, wanders around, finds the light cave and falls in to become a smoke monster.  Again, I think all this can be explained through theoretical fringe science or at least in the magical world of a television show... like a certain young David on a drugs from the dentist... "is this real life?" No, David, this is a network television show.
  • RULES OF THE SMOKE MONSTER: Can inhabit any dead body on the island.  
  • Another boat shipwrecks on the island including a pregnant woman named Claudia who births twin boys (one of which is named Jacob).  The Smoke Monster Woman kills Claudia and raises the two boys as her own... as the new protectors of the island.   She tells them two very important things... things that aren't true... but because it's her "will" then it is true on the island.  (1) You can never leave the island.  (2) You can't kill each other. 
  • One of the boys (later known as the Man in Black or MIB) is visited by the ghost of his real Mom and discovers his true past.  He then lives with "the Others" on the island.  And three things happen: (1) He wants to leave the island.  (2) He thinks that people are inherently bad.  (3) He learns the island has mysterious powers.  These three things together make Smoke Monster Mom (SMM) afraid.  So she destroy the camp that the MIB has been living at.
  • Jacob is the innocent one, and SMM believes protecting the island means sometimes you got to kill people or lie or manipulate them in protecting them.  So, she always believed that the MIB may be the one to take her job - but Jacob just had to do... being that MIB just wants to leave.  When MIB kills SMM, Jacob kills MIB by throwing him into the light cave and WHOOPS!  Another smoke monster.  Who could easily be killed while he's in human form by any means... but because SMM willed that they can't kill each other, well that's what they believe, that's their faith - and so it's true.  However, when Jacob wants to leave the island... he can.  There are no rules.  What they believe is willed.  What they WILL is true. And MIB wants to leave the island but his faith makes him believe he can't without killing Jacob. 
  • 2000 years go by.  2000.  That's a lot of years.  I've been around for 28.  I can't imagine another 1972... that's crazy talk.  In that time, the conversations they must of had, the decisions they must of made, the people that stumbled onto the island... it's just a lot of fucking time.  And in that time, Jacob must of gotten really tired of protecting the island.  And his concern for humans and mankind and life and everything, well, I don't think he cared all that much.  He's just there to do one thing... protect the light cave.  And the MIB was always trying to find a loop hole in order to kill Jacob and leave the island.  And they disagreed about human nature... and they played a game that evolved... and maybe evolved to include human manipulation.
  • DHARMA was just another camp trying to figure out the island, another camp that needed to be purged in order to protect the island, and Ben was being manipulated by the Smoke Monster his whole life in order to finally destroy Jacob... all of it was built on - faith.
  • And so it brings us to 815 and the crash...
And for me, that answers everything.  Well, almost everything... I still want to know:  when/how did the donkey wheel get built... but again 2000 years have gone by before 815 crashes so many things could of happened, we see them trying to do it even in DHARMA time.  So, who's to say someone in 1432 didn't come by and build it... in LOST the 1400!

As for the numbers - I think this is the one thing that's a BIIIIIIIIIG stretch... and maybe it's just too much of a coincidence... but, basically in 1962 it was an equation that predicted the end of the world... so when "the incident" occurred, which is Juliet banging on a nuke bomb, which I assume still didn't go off but somehow only caused just another time flash... the DHARMA Initiative had to build a station to "contain" the energy and they used the equation to deflect the energy, by pressing a button every 108 minutes... the addition of the numbers - 4 8 15 16 23 42.

At the same time and completely separate... Jacob has a lighthouse, that he uses to watch his potential 360 candidates, each of them bearing a different degree... and it just so happens that the guys that happened to crash on 815, were the same guys who were marked on the degrees that so happened to be the numbers... but obviously Kate was also touched.  So, could others have been touched too - like Eko?  Or Boone?  Or some dude who came to the island in the 90s that never made it within the text of the show... and was he one of the others of hundreds of people that came to the island? 

I don't think Jacob KNEW that 815 was going to crash on the island but I do believe that when they did crash on the island, and Ben, the current leader of the "Others" figured out who was on the plane - certain ones were considered candidates.  And were put on a "list."  I think Jacob "touched" alot of people on the off chance that they were brought to the island... and eventually they found their way to the island.

Maybe Rousseau was a candidate.  And Montand... but when he was "crossed out."  The MIB could kill Montand and the rest of the crew.  There are many times on the show that the words, "the island isn't done with you yet..." came across... that's pretty much enough for me to think that as long as you're a candidate, you're still needed.  

Except for Hume, who had a special property against the electro-magnetics.... I also believe that the properties of the island shifted after the "incident" and caused women who conceived on the island to die.

But back to the numbers, it just seems too much of a coincidence that all these things would come to pass but - maybe that's why we are viewing THESE particular people and not a group of people who came in 1734.  Or 1822.  Or 1998.  These particular people were the ones who took over for Jacob.  And at the same time, they just happened to be the same people who were numbered after something the DHARMA folks came up with.  And some people may believe it's fate.

I think Eko said it best however, in "?" when he said: "we don't push the button because we have too, we push the button because we believe we need too." 

And... yada yada yada... Jack dies.

And when he dies - he is brought into the intermediate state.  Where he must remember his fellow comrades and experience his life with them.  The ones most important to him.  And for these people: Kate, Sawyer, Desmond, Hurley, Rose, Bernard, Charlie, Claire, Boone, Shannon, Sayid... all of them reunite to join into the next realm... be it heaven or... another life.

"If we don't live together, we're going to die alone."