This Means Nothing And Why the 2010 "Wave" was Just a Splash

Touting the record setting House exchange from Blue to Red, I hear many screaming that Obama has been repudiated.  That this is the indicator that Obama is a one-term president.  I see it in a completely different light.  

Back in 1994 the same things happened.  A 54 seat exchange in the House.  Blue to Red.  And in the Senate an eight seat exchange which also shifted Blue to Red. And the reasons for the swing were the same: people didn't like this Democrat running the White House and they thought the country was going in the wrong direction.  Swings happen alot... in fact, since the Civil War & Reconstruction almost EVERY mid-term election is a swing save for FDR in 1932, Clinton's second mid-term election in 1998 and G. W. Bush's first in 2002.   

But what is significant to me is the fact that our economy, which is always the main heart blood of an American election swing, is in the worst shape since the Great Depression in the 1920s.  So this swing should of been historic.  And in the house, it was: 65 seats.  That's significant, however... The Senate HELD its Democratic majority to 51.  And Vermont's Bernie Sanders can essentially count for 52 and Lieberman still says he caucuses with the Democrats, making it 53.  

So, the election really is a six seat pick up for the "non-in-charge." Six.  

Why did this happen?  Why in 2010, when the economy and jobs are in 10 times the worse shape that they were in 1994, when the Democrats lost both Houses of Congress, did they only lose one?

I believe it is because in a Senate race, you get a real good look at a candidate and in the house races... you don't.  You don't see House races on TV.  You don't see debates between the candidates on TV and in the media and the entire state votes for you.  

And when you get a real close look at the Republicans, well, Americans don't like what they see.  

I believe this election was based on the GOPs great ability to cock block every single agenda of Obama's and create such lies and dissent around his presidency that people are afraid that we are doing terribly.  When in fact, we're doing just fine.  

Check out what he has done: Obama's Accomplishments

But the fact of the matter is, the GOP has no plan, no means to cut the deficit or cut spending without offending precious voters.  And in so, they won't shrink the government, especially not to the likings of the Tea Party which will continue to eat the GOP and create more Christine O'Donnells, Sharon Angles, Linda McMahons & Joe Millers.  Sure they got in the Rand Paul & Marco Rubio but I believe that was a fluke.  In Florida Charlie Crist peeled votes from Meeks with Moderate Democrats and in Kentucky Conway was way too Blue for a very Red State.

And who is the contender against Obama in 2012?  Palin?  Not gonna happen.  Romney?  He would never win a GOP primary (if you didn't know, he helped write Obamacare), some unknown guy like the Jersey governor, Chris Christie?  Maybe, but boy does he look like a corporate fat cat... check him out:

I just don't see it.  I'm actually glad Obama gets a chance to work with Republicans - and I hope that he can play just as hard with him.  The GOP has won the House.  Let's see them call to order their agenda and see what they try to pass.  Remember, the congress has a twenty point LESS approval rating than Obama.  

It's going to be a fun two years.