Red Dead Redemption

I like to write this blog, to chronicle things I think about, things I like and one day, I hope to get to look back on it and go, oh yeah, I remember when I liked that.

Last night I finished, after about 34 hours of play, Red Dead Redemption (98% finished) and I just can't stop thinking about it.  It is just so... INCREDIBLE.  My confrontation with Dutch, riding into Mexico, and the final moments... the last... very last moment... haunts me.  It is truly a masterpiece and is definitely the best game I've ever played, better than Uncharted 2... better than BioShock and better than Mass Effect (so far... I consider it a trilogy that I'll get to finish later this year).  

Here is a video that captures the mood of Red Dead Redemption, without giving anything away.  The second video is "directed" by the guy who made "The Road" - it's a 30 minute story preview of I'd say the first 8 hours of play.  Both of them are pretty incredible, but nothing will compare to playing this majestic work of art.