The ICK Factor

I like Chick Fil A.

They make, hands down, the best chicken sandwich I've ever had and their nuggets are perfectly breaded, perfectly juicy and perfectly delicious.  However, I am reminded often of one pesky thing.  Chick Fil A is christian.  And not just... christian, but a "we have our own charity arm that supports the protection of 'tradition' marriage" christian called "Winshape Foundation." After a few google clicks, you'll see their ties to anti-gay marriage groups and activists, etc.

So, Chick Fil A supports 'traditional' marriage.

I could go on a tirade about that and how the marriage they are supporting most times than not goes on to divorce but that's an old story.  The real problem lies in that homosexuality is still... icky.

Two guys who kiss is icky.  It's weird.  And anyone who doesn't say so, is just being liberal.  And why is this?  Because our brains have been wired since birth to believe in gender role.  Boy = blue.  Girl = Pink.  And from there it is Blue kisses Pink.  This is what is normal.  It is what we see every day, all day everywhere you turn.

So, when two guys kiss.  Or hold hands, our brains instantly see this as wrong.  Now, open minded, good hearted people don't mind... but I'd be hard pressed to believe that there isn't an instinct still that goes, "whoa look at that."   It's like seeing the Matrix's bullet time effect for the first time, our brains have not yet seen the stopped motion, the slick camera move and it was MIND BLOWING.  

And now, the effect... eh.

The solution?

Repetition.  Repetition is normalcy.  If you look on television, there are boys kissing all over the place now.  It's now much more normal than it was when Dawson's Creek did it back in 2000.  It's not event TV as it used to be.  It took ten years to get people to be just... LESS ick'd by boy kissing.

And how long did it take for inter-racial couples?  A black man holding a white woman's hand... does anyone still care?

Brokeback Mountain helps but you don't see that happening much anymore.  Hopefully, we can get more gay movies out there... And people just being open and gay, that would help too.   More gay people just being regular gay people, like going to Chick Fil A and buying crap they don't need at Target, is what the world needs.

These gay pride parades may be fun parties for gay people, but they are incredibly alienating to others.  They make homosexuals an Other.  They aren't like us.  

With all the shit in the world a regular guy has to worry about, I don't have time to worry about whose hate is more filled and what company isn't doing the right thing at all times and supporting the right and wrong causes.  

Olive Garden & Red Lobster support Planned Parenthood, should social-conservatives never go there?  

These minor boycotts aren't the change needed.  It's a mind shift.  We need boy on boy lovin' to be just as boring and trite as the bullet time effect in movies.  The million or so dollars Chick Fil A loses from a half-hearted boycott isn't going to change a crotchety conservative board of homophobes.

Voting for the Democrats & supporting Obama who's ending DADT & DOMA.  Supporting good movies and television with complex, well-written gay characters.  Making it easier in the classroom for teens to come out ("It Gets Better" campaign).  These are things that are the real change.  These are things that will slowly mind shift Americans to hate someone else.  

In the video game, Red Dead Redemption, it's theme is that America will always need a bad guy.  We're a traumatized society who was founded on defeating wrong and defending right.  I don't think we've shaken that need to defend ourselves from the wicked.

And so... right now, it's the gays.  They are the ones destroying America.  Or is it the Unions?  Or is it the Tea Party?  Or wait... maybe it's that asshole who says that God Hates Fags at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.  No it's definitely that quitter from Alaska.

That girl is definitely the one to fight.  Let's get rid of her.  

And then the communists... and then that cult leader Steve Jobs... and then the baby killers at Planned Parenthood...

But, you know who isn't the bad guy?  The normal folk.  People who don't care.  Who work.  Raise families and live life and pay bills and get mad because they're missing their favorite show on TV... Two and a Half Men because of that left coast liberal with tiger blood.