Nintendo Blows (As of 2011)

I've come to realize that the Nintendo Wii is a complete joke.  And I'm talking about the Nintendo Wii 2011, not Nintendo Wii 2006.  It's best feature is the ability to play old games.  Like Zelda 3, which looks fantastic - for a 17 year old game.

I'm not a portable gamer, so I can't make an argument for the 3DS or DS... but I can say, owning all three systems that Nintendo is seriously behind the times.

Four points:

1) No HD Graphics... really?  I would buy an HD Wii in about two shakes of a lamb's tail... I don't own, nor do most people I know an SDTV anymore... the Wii looks awful blown up and pixilated.  This is why all their games now are just side scrollers... Kirby.  Donkey Kong.  Super Mario Bros.  Their processor just can't handle enough information.  And when they try to make a fully realized 360 immersive game, the graphics suffer greatly.  It's sad to see that the graphics on the GameCube, a ten year old console, look just as good as the Wii.

2) Wii-Motes... 2006 - holy shit amazing.  2011 - crap... have you used the Move... it's amazing.  Have you stepped in front of the Kinect and felt the FUTURE SURGING THROUGH YOUR BODY!  Wii-Motes feel like kids toys, like Fisher Price... which brings me to:

3) The Sole Proprietor for Family Gaming... no longer.  Wii Fit is silly when you can do full body exercises with the Kinect.  And the new MiiParty is pretty childish/poor when compared with many of the Kinect games available.

Though Nintendo has had 5 years to perfect family gaming, it won't be long before PS3 & Xbox find their own personal groove... and with the Kinect shipping another 10 million units... Nintendo is again going to be left in the dust.

4) My biggest gripe: Gameplay Mechanics.  Playing Zelda: Twilight Princess - where I'm still being forced to fight a limited 8 point fight system, where there are games like Uncharted with a full 360 degree of movement, it just feels... antiquated.  Clunky.   And lazy.

Nintendo has ALWAYS been ahead of the curve.  And their puzzle and stories are still even today top notch... Twilight Princess is still a fantastic game but I'm upset that it's held back by outdated technology...

Nintendo will always be the father of game systems.  They made the first true and honest home gaming console... then perfected it with Super Nintendo.  They BLEW US AWAY with the first 64 bit 3D gaming experience.  Then they perfected it on the GameCube... And the Wii was years... years ahead of its time, leaving the PS3 and XBox360 to look like chumps. 

But now, it's time to do it again Nintendo.  It's time to come out with your Super Nintendo or your GameCube... nothing groundbreaking, nothing revolutionary... just updated... brought into the current age.  You are just like Apple... 3G... then 3GS... 4... then (guessing here) 4S... a speed and HD update.

I have faith.  I have owned every one of your consoles - and I still love Zelda.  I still love Mario... Just give me something to hope for.  Give me something.  We're all ready to throw our money away.

If not...

Develop Zelda for the PS3.  I want your design... your puzzles.  Your AMAZING creativity... just use 2011... 2012... or hell... 2015 technology... you got it in you... I know you do.

Love Always,