Nostalgia Kills & Why You Should Care

Recently, Teen Nick announced they are going to rerun old episodes of Clarissa Explains It All, Rugrats and other pretty damn good 90s television.  Many of my friends posted it to their Facebook status with a mix between "awesome" and "why don't they rerun ______."  Filling in their own personal favorite show.

I was bothered by this.  Not by people's love of their childhood show but by how here is yet another instance where money is being made on nostalgia.  

In Wisconsin, just moments ago, the GOP has taken away collective bargaining rights away from unions.  Do you know what that means?  Unions can no longer negotiate pay for workers and companies can now just pay their workers whatever they want and if you don't like it... FUCK YOU.

Unions have done amazing things for this country: the 8 hour work day.  Child labor laws.  The five day work week.  We have pensions and retirement safety nets.  Unions held Capitalism in check.  Just as a pure Communist state destroys the state, a pure Capitalist state destroys the state.  

When a company only cares about the bottom dollar, when it doesn't care about its people, it will hurt its people - this is why before unions people DIED by going to work... people DIED working.

Today, 400 people... 400... 400 people hold more wealth than HALF of all American people... that's 400 people to 155,000,000 people... 


I don't believe in socialism.  I don't believe that everyone should be paid the same.  If you work hard, you should get paid more.  If you do a job that others feel is important, you should get paid more.  Doctors get paid more than garbage men.  That's a fact.  

However... there are garbage men.  We NEED garbage men.  Without them, well... imagine.

And you know what else we need... TEACHERS.  And one of the oldest cliches in the book is that teachers don't make enough.  So, good people who would be great teachers - don't teach, because they don't get paid enough.

So, unions have done good for this country - and in all that time, it has not stopped people from becoming richer... because before just now... before just moments ago, people are richer than they were before and after unions began at the turn of the last century.

But, what does that have to do with reruns of Rugrats?

Because, our culture has become obsessed with wealth.  And for some strange reason, we have forgotten all of our other needs and morals and perspectives.  We allow, constantly allow, people to be in charge whose goal is to be rich... and get richer.  We have become so cynical to this idea that it doesn't even bother us anymore... that the people who run the studios isn't Robert Evans (Godfather, The Conversation, Rosemary's Baby)... but Sumner Redstone (Transformers). 

I think it's because most people want to make sure when they get there, they get to keep their money.  As if everyone in America will have the chance to make billions of dollars and so everyone wants to make sure when they make their billions - no one will take it from them... as if a billion dollars can be thought in the same terms as a thousand dollars.

I don't think people really understand what it means to have billions of dollars.  That's a lot of fucking money... A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY... no one needs that.  No one needs BILLIONS OF DOLLARS... I don't care if you want to buy four houses and own 12 cars and take trips around the world... there is no way in Gods Green Earth you can truly spend BILLIONS of dollars without just being a total hedonistic asshole ::cough charlie sheen cough::

So, all this gripe about taxing the rich and how its bad, is bullshit.  Tax them.  Tax them like they did in the 1950s... You know what would happen if you taxed 75% of 10 billion?  You'd still have a TWO & A HALF BILLION dollars...

But, taxes is besides the point, what I don't understand is why people want to support the rich... they're rich... they're fine.  Do you think they really felt the recession the way that the middle class did?  No.  They're fine.

Stop caring about and stop supporting the rich.

Now, the studios and networks are run by people who care about the bottom dollar.  CBS is probably one of the worst in the bunch, with every iteration of CSI & NCIS possible.  NBC's Conan fiasco is another example of the bottom dollar outweighing common sense.

The thing we've forgotten in these past few years is that entertainment is an art form.  Television.  Film.  Music - these are art forms.  These are forms of expressions... and they have changed the world... the arts wasn't supposed to be where you make your millions... I remember being told early in life that if you want to make millions, sell stocks and work with money.

However, our entire entertainment culture is made up of squeezing out every dollar out of every ounce of creativity.  And for every successful attempt (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix) we have (I Am Number Four, Percy Jackson, Airbender, Naria).   Wasted money all over the place... wasted money with creative and amazing ideas begging to be made.

We have gotten to the point where Studios are pissed off that franchises don't take... We're about to see a third reboot of Superman.  A second reboot of Spiderman.  Why?  Because it makes them money... and what else makes them money?

Rerunning the shit that was fucking good as fuck back in the day.  Original shit.  Stuff that didn't have a previous iteration... 

Like Rugrats.  And Clarissa Explains It All... 

As some friends pointed out, this isn't a new thing.  We had TV Land that exclusively showed all old shows... like listening to the Oldies station on radio.  We also had Nick at Night that showed reruns of Cheers or Taxi.

But these weren't what we have today.  Today we are bombarded with a constant forcing of what is old is cool... retro is cool... so much so, that it's now becoming a joke online...

And what bothers me is that we aren't mad as hell and rejecting it.

So, Teen Nick why don't we fill that throw away time slot (Midnight to 2 a.m.) with original programming - in the same way that Adult Swim does with amazing shows like "Children's Hospital."

Stop being cheap assholes and take some of those new Viacom profits from The Jersey Shore and take a chance on some original programming... but something truly original... like Pete and Pete... or Rocko's Modern Life.

At least it'll give kids in 2027 something to be nostalgic about.