My Blogging Habits Have Sucked

Damn, do I love Oblivion.

Or, really, the prospect of playing #Skyrim.  Oblivion is pretty buggy & I wish I spent more time investing in magic & sneak skills rather than heavy armor & blade... but it's alright, I'm pretty much a big ass tank now.

Yesterday, was a great day for writing... no wait, the day before was... yesterday, I learned that the day before's work was erased.  I tend to create these little elaborate color coded excel sheets to get me set up and on schedule but something technical like losing 10 pages of writing really makes me just say forget it for a few days... I don't like rewriting the same thing.  I enjoy rereading & editing but I hate REWRITING.

I'm also preparing my fantasy team picks.  My first IDP draft is tomorrow evening.  It's probably not proper to say, but I can't wait for 9/11.

What else, oh yeah, an accident.  Fender bender.  Got a penicillin shot the other day and thought I could make it home... I did not.  Instead, I hit someone head on.   Luckily, he was stopped in the middle lane turning left and I had just left a green light and not driving very fast.  I had passed out for a half-second.  I think it looked worse than it was.  I was terrified at the idea and what else could of happened.  

Trying to save money, my cheaper insurance doesn't cover my car at all, so the $2000 I put into my truck the other day on brakes & shocks should of been used to get my hood and front light casing fixed... but how was I supposed to know.  Life's a bitch in that way.  I also got this old man creak when I open my door.  Which, I kind of like... kinda.


Besides that, life is pretty normal, I'm counting down the days until I turn 30 (26 days!) and hoping to get these two script done both of which are around 40 pages.  That's a lot to write, but I'm confident that I'll get there... maybe.

But first I have to get over to Anvil & help some lady with her "rat problem."