2012 : Year of the Happy Laziness

7th Annual "END OF THE YEAR REPORT" for 2012

This year, I didn't blog much at all.  Like - crazy.  I wrote 4 entries.  Yowza.  I think this year, I'm going to spend it becoming a more habitual writer.  Someone who makes it a point to write.  Whether that's here.  Or screenwriting.  Or novel writing.  Just something.  

I do love video games & television & film - but damn, do I need to learn to balance.  This year was a mix bag.  On one hand, I gain steady employment, upgraded some of my things, started actually paying down on student loans, paid off all my credit cards, got my financial house in better shape... and then stopped working in December and sort of feel like I was at the end of LAST year.  

It's always two steps forward and one step back in my financial world.  

In terms of career... that just completely stalled.  "2 28" was unseen by most everyone and I'm not sure if its something I'm very proud of or hate immensely   Here I had an opportunity to make something great and instead I made something that most people can't really sit through.  

This year, I have to feel I'm making something happen.

Then again - I was really happy this year.  I gained some new friends and found simple happiness in consuming art & entertainment.  I still want to be a part of that creation but working & playing & enjoying life as it comes has been really really rewarding.  A thing I never thought possible without actually BEING a director.  

I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good thing.  Isn't the whole goal of life to pursue happiness?  And if you are happy - can you not consider yourself successful?  But if your other goal in life is to direct... and you're hunger and unhappiness isn't really there - can you still make it happen?  Is it worth it?

I think also that I'm becoming more and more disenfranchised by the industry.  There are some that have seem to break through but most films that come out just seem to be terrible... or average at best.  This year, record breaking at the box office, was kind of mediocre when it came to movies.  In fact, video games too were pretty damn slim pickins'.  Same goes for music.  It just wasn't that great of a year for art in general... or at least the art that I consumed.  

Regardless, I still made a top ten list... and I even made a few changes to the ol' formula.  

So, without further ado, my Top 10 Things:


* This year I decided to break it up by Popcorn movies, movies that are just good damn fun without much to retain afterwards and Cinema movies, movies that may not be something you're ready to consume again immediately but sticks with me.  I will say - not a great year in Cinema.


1 / Skyfall
2 / Prometheus
3 / Chronicle
4 / Magic Mike
5 / Avengers
6 / Dark Knight Rises
7 / Hunger Games
8 / Wreck It Ralph
9 / The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
10 / Ted


1 / Moonrise Kingdom
2 / Zero Dark Thirty
3 / Looper
4 / Holy Motors
5 / Life of Pi
6 / Silver Lining Playbook
7 / Cloud Atlas
8 / Lincoln
9 / To Rome With Love
10 / The Master


1 / Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer
2 / Seeing A Friend for the End of the World
3 / Men in Black III
4 / The Amazing Spider-Man
5 / Paranormal Activity 4


1 / Breaking Bad
2 / Mad Men
3 / Legend of Kora
4 / Walking Dead
5 / Boardwalk Empire
6 / Louie
7 / Homeland
8 / Archer
9 / Justified
10 / Good Wife

* Honorable Mention to: American Horror Story: Asylum, New Girl, Happy Endings, American Idol, Big Brother, Survivor, Childrens Hospital, Wipeout, True Blood, & all the other television I watched this year... DAMN.


1 / Anger Management
2 / Newsroom - which I "hate watched" as the folks say


1 / Age of Miracles, which was great... and I need to finish.

* I seriously SERIOUSLY need to be a better reader. That's a goal this year, most definitely.


1 / Journey - hands down
2 / Minecraft: Xbox Edition
3 / Mass Effect 3
4 / Borderlands 2
5 / tie: FEZ & Dishonored



1 / The Weeknd "Trilogy"
2 / Beach House "Bloom"
3 / Chromatics "Kill for Love"
4 / Grizzly Bear "Shields"
5 / Edward Sharpe... Zeros "Here"
6 / Santigold "Master of My Make-Believe"
7 / Japandroids "Celebration Rock"
9 / Grimes "Visions"
10 / G.O.O.D. Music "Cruel Summer"


1 / Myth (Beach House)
2 / This Isn't Our Parade (Santigold)
3 / Man on Fire (Edward Sharpe)
4 / The House That Heaven Built (Japandroids)
5 / Lady (Chromatics)
6 / Efflictim (WZRD)
7 / End of the Line (Sleigh Bells)
8 / Amanaemonesia (Chairlift)
9 / Proceed to Memory (Pinback)
10 / Loft Music (The Weeknd)


BEST MEMES: Ermahgerd & Grumpy Cat


BEST (Personal) IDEAS:

1 / No More ****, Feeling Better (may turn into a bad idea)
2 / Going to "Game Night" for the first time
3 / Buying Minecraft on a whim
4 / Heading to *******, Learning Place
5 / Franchise Movie Watching, "Jurassic Park", "Back to the Future", & "Star Wars"

WORST (Personal) IDEAS:

1 / Heading to *******
2 / Deciding to Procrastinate on Writing / Filmmaking
3 / Not Following Up on Leads for Filmmaking
4 / Not Balancing Entertainment with Work/Career Efforts
5 / Not Sticking with Gym & Hiking... I'm so fucking close & ruin it with laziness!


November because I got to enjoy the fruits of previous months of solid work: a new iPhone, new TiVo box, WiiU.  I hosted what turned out to be a successful "CLOAK & DAGGER PARTY" which was AWESOME.


November 24th.  The Hosting of the Cloak & Dagger Party


Private... but @ ******* & the **** **** feeling.


To be honest, no month has been terrible.  It was a good yea.r  Could it have been a BETTER year?  Yeah.  Could I have made progress towards my goals as a filmmaker - most definitely... but overall, I 
was a damn happy guy. 


Again, no day really sticks out this year.  I got sick, which I don't get very often and that lead to a bit of tooth trouble - which I thought was going to turn out even more horrible but as usual my body is a BEAST and fights through everything and I feel just as healthy as I always have.


None - an overall pretty great year.  


Again, it has to be the Cloak & Dagger Party.  Just a really great day.


1 / Happiness > Ambition
2 / How the World Works, The Connection
3 / Happiness Creates Laziness


1 / Become a More Consistent Writer, Finish Work I've Started
2 / Tone Up
3 / Develop and begin to implement a Long Term Career Strategy, Don't Get Lazy
4 / Be More Social, Network More
5 / Continue to Be Happy & Enjoy Life As You Have
6 / Buy New Laptop & New Car
7 / Reorganize My Social Imprint: New Website, New "Reel"
8 / Feel Confident Enough Financially to Adopt a Dog
9 / Save Save Save! & Then start to Invest
10 / Reach "500"


1 / Become a More Consistent Writer?
     * I let procrastination win - not this year.  No way.
2 / Enter Work Into Competitions - Win Something
     * Nope
3 / Win a Streamy for "2 28"
     * No Streamy's in 2012 but have been entered for this year's.
4 / Find Representation
     * Again, no new work, no push career wise at all.
5 / Find a Mate
     * Found I don't really want this unless it just happens.  Happy.
6 / Lose Those Love Handles
     * First half of 2012 saw me get as fat as I've ever been.  Then lost 20 pounds.  Still need to tone but this I feel good about - just need - CONSISTENCY.
7 / Find Steady Income
     * This is kinda sorta good.  December dried up but have worked steady since July.  It's been nice.
8 / Go on a Road Trip - NO but I should do this.
9 / Obama is Re-Elected w/ DEM Majorities in House & Senate
     * 2 out of 3 ain't bad, especially since the GOP has cheated their way to House Majority
10 / Pay off Chase Card, Have $5,000 in Savings
     * Half (paid off cards), Savings - haha - I spend too much.  


1 / Election 2012 & Obama Re-Elected
2 / Hurricane Sandy
3 / Newtown & Aurora Shootings
4 / Civil War in Syria
5 / David Petraeus, Benghazi & Susan Rice
6 / Fiscal Cliff
7 / Zombie Attacks
8 / Social Sites Increase In Popularity: Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, etc.
9 / London Olympics
10 / Penn State & Jerry Sandusky


God.  My Family.  Fantasy Football.  My Friends.  Game Nights.  Minecraft.  Warmth & Love & Awesome Fucking People.