Going Back: Nintendo

In 1989, I believe, I got my first real gaming console. This Nintendo Entertainment System. Over the next few years, I collected a few games to include: SUPER MARIO, DUCK HUNT, GAUNTLET, METROID, DIG DUG, Q-BERT, & FLYING SCROLL.

I have owned all the Nintendo Systems: SNES, 64, Gamecube, Wii, and now the Wii U.  Only recently actually (2008) have I actually begun playing the new generation consoles (PS3, PS4, 360, XboxOne).  I never actually played Sega (or its iterations), and none of the other guys.

That said, setting up this old guy and playing co-op Gauntlet was a real trip (treat) down memory lane. 

The sound effects, music. Retro gaming really isn't my thing. I don't think I ever actually FINISHED any of these games but it's pretty cool to check it out and know that a machine that's almost 25 years old still works perfectly on my 1080p TV... except Duck Hunt (and the gun) - which I believe needs the bigger 480 resolution pixels to work.  Sad.