One of the new things happening this year, is the continued development of a self-published board game called, "Dark Planet", a cooperative survival game with an emphasis on story and resource management. Each game begins with players choosing surviving crew members of a spaceship that has crash landed on a remote and uncharted planet. To start, they take inventory of what components survived the crash and then take steps to either restore their ship for a relaunch or send out a working distress signal and await rescue. While working towards either objective, they must also deal with the planet's potentially harsh elements and dangerous creatures.

The first goal is to get a working prototype to perform a long series of play tests with friends (and eventually strangers). As the game begins to come into its final form, enlisting the talents of an illustrator and graphics designer. It's going to be an awesome ride and I can't wait to share this game with the world. 

Below are a few of the first images of the game (created with cheap kid's learning blocks and white square coasters and marker):